The potential applications for nanofibers are limitless.

Having formed an advisory contract with M-TEchX Inc., a company that develops and produces nanofibers, we engage in a range of operational work connected with nanofibers, including overseas business strategies, design, marketing, sales, and legal, financial and tax affairs.

In addition, we have also ventured into our own nanofiber business activities through an application with NETIS.

*NETIS (New Technology Information System) is a database for sharing and providing information relating to new technologies developed by private enterprises, etc. Administered by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan, this database is actively used in public works carried out by national and municipal governments with the aim of supporting businesses with outstanding technologies and promoting further technological developments.

About nanofibers

Nanofibers are ultra-fine fibers synthesized in nano-scale using innovative technologies. Properties born from the extreme thinness of nanofibers can be applied to products of all kinds, making them a dream super material with limitless potential to shake up industry. One type of nanofiber is Magic Fiber, which achieves mass productivity through the use of the latest technologies and facilities.

Properties of nanofibers

Nano-size effects

  1. Low pressure loss : Suited to high-efficiency filters
  2. High-transparent materials : Helps block diffused reflection, giving a high degree of transparency

Ultra-specific surface area effect

  1. High adsorptivity
  2. High adhesive strength : Increased adhesive area per unit mass
  3. High molecular recognition : Enables selective adsorption of molecules through the addition of a molecular adsorption substrate.
diagram of Properties of nanofibersdiagram of Properties of nanofibers

Products and fields of application

Our products can be applied in fields of all kinds, irrespective of industry. We aim to develop innovative products in all categories.


High-functional sports-wear, underwear, shoes, pillows, futons,etc.

Building materials / vehicles

Heat insulation for buil-dings, sound absorption materials for buildings, sound absorption mate-rials for vehicles


Industrial filters (air, water, etc.),
home appliance filters, ballast water filters

Military use

Gas masks, protective suits against toxic gases

Oil absorbent

Grease trap, oil refining plant, marine oil spills
→Currently under application for registration on NETIS

Precision equipment

Filters for precision equipment pro-duction (hard disks, smart-phones), abrasive pads for semiconductor polishing, bat-tery separators

Environment / agriculture / medical use,etc.

Desert greening, bioclean rooms, regenerative medicine clinics, desalination, hydro-ponics, adhesive bandages

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