We leverage our global network to provide a range of consultations by collaborating with domestic and overseas businesses with outstanding know-how and technologies, as well as by forming alliances with global human resources with extensive experience.

This includes a diverse range of content, from the opening up of overseas sales channels and marketing to the drawing up of sales strategies and fund/managerial support.

Opening up of overseas sales channels

We create overseas business strategies and sales plans based on knowledge shared by global human resources who understand the local situation inside-out.
We utilize our extensive network to give presentations in countries in Asia (China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, etc.), Europe/North America (US, Spain, etc.), West Africa (Ghana), and Russia, and open up sales channels.

Drawing up of marketing and sales strategies

We design and develop products to meet the needs of each region based on marketing surveys carried out by local staff, and then create sales plans, file patent applications, and confirm evidence by medical practitioners and experts.
In addition to sales through our company, we also support the establishment of joint ventures with local companies.

Operational tasks

We liaise with our partners to perform a range of procedures, including legal, financial and tax affairs, financing, production, and exports.

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