In addition to the design, production and sales of textile products, the supply of domestic/overseas OEM, interface services, and consultations, we are actively involved in new business fields, including nanofibers, renewable energy, and the environmental sector.

Beauty salon
tina-pri Matsue

tina-pri’s own-brand store, selling beauty products. The store dispatches instructors across Japan and overseas to provide technical guidance and carry out demonstration sales.
Address:1765 Chikuyacho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture


Food-service industry
Kanda Osashimiya

Since 2019, we have been running a Japanese restaurant in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo specializing in seafood and sake/shochu. With a total of 50 seats, this is our first venture into the restaurant business.
Address: New Kanda Building B1F, 3-3 Kanda-Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Other businesses

We have also expanded into overseas markets for outstanding products in the field of energy. These include “FUSION OIL,” a device which improves fuel efficiency by generating oil from water, as well as “URBAN RIG,” a fuel recovery device to extract renewable fuel resources from waste products, which can be used as fuel for natural energy power generation.

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