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Name of company

tina-pri Co., Ltd.


September 1993


April 8, 2014

Representative directors

Kiyoaki Abe, Kensuke Abe

Outside director

Kazuhiro Shinmura (DOGAN, Inc.)


30,000,000 JPY

Content of business

  • Planning, manufacturing and wholesale of clothing and other fiber products (supply of domestic and overseas OEM)
  • Beauty salons
  • Restaurant business
  • Interface/consultation business

Head office

Miyazaki 25 Building 7F, 2-5-36 Takachiho-dori, Miyazaki City,
Miyazaki Prefecture
Tel:+81-985-67-6777 Fax:+81-985-67-6778


2F, Akihabara Building, 1-1-16 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Sales center

tina-pri Matsue 1765 Chikuya-cho, Matsue City,
Shimane Prefecture


3-3 Kanda-Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Affiliate companies

Unreve Co., Ltd., Viavail Co., Ltd., East Corporation INC.


September 1991 Founded as an individual enterprise by Kiyoaki Abe
September 1993 Incorporated
April 2014 tina-pri Co., Ltd. established as a new company, with Takeshi Abe (eldest son)
July 2014 tina-pri Co., Ltd. succeeds business operations
May 2018 Kiyoaki Abe takes over as president from Takeshi Abe
February 2019 Takeover begins of 1st restaurant


Head office

Miyazaki 25 Building 7F, 2-5-36 Takachiho-dori, Miyazaki City,
Miyazaki Prefecture  
Tel:+81-985-67-6777 Fax:+81-985-67-6778

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